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One of the links on the side of this blog is to Cold Case Christianity.  I really enjoy J Warner Wallace over at that website and I also subscribe to his podcast.    He is a retired cold case detective and has authored a book by the same name.  I have read the book and he does a fantastic job applying the principles he used as a cold case detective to the historicity of the resurrection and the reliability of the gospels.  I highly recommend his book, his website, and his podcast.  He is a great tutor for equipping you to become a case-maker for Christianity.  I am not a great case-maker but I enjoy having him speak to me on my i-Phone and teaching me how to make a reasonable defense for Christianity.   Read his book.  Visit www.coldcasechristianity.com.  Subscribe to his podcast.  Thank you for your work and ministry, Jim Wallace.


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I really enjoy listening to the White Horse Inn podcast.  I most recently listened to an interview of Nancy Guthrie by Michael Horton.  She tells of the struggle that she and her husband have been through with the death of two children before reaching their first birthday.  She explains what she has learned about God’s sovereignty, how to deal with suffering, and how to respond to such events and to God when he places such events in our lives.  The answer is not always to seek healing but to seek God.  If you are struggling with suffering at all, I recommend listening to this 30 minute podcast called Holding On to Hope.  You can hear it here.  What do you think?  Does this help you face suffering?

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