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Do you ever eat the fantastic yogurt that has fruit at the bottom?  The yogurt is tasty but the sweet fruit at the bottom.  Sometimes I stir it up so that I can enjoy the fruit all the way through.  However, sometimes I eat the white yogurt and save the fruit at the bottom to eat by itself.  That way it is extra fruity and extra sweet.


This reminds me how some people read the Bible.  You can read the Bible and just get the main story and then leave it.  You are getting the basic surface level meaning.  You are just eating the white part of the yogurt.  But if you spend the time to dig deep into the Word you will get so much more out of it.  It requires work and time but in the end the Word means so much more and you get deeper truths out of it.  This is like getting the fruit at the bottom.  It is good but you have to get through the white yogurt to get to the fruit.  How would you describe your Bible reading or Bible study pattern?  Are you just getting the white yogurt or are you getting the fruit at the bottom?  How do you go about getting to the fruit at the bottom?

I believe the same is true for preaching.  Those who labor in their sermon preparation are able to give their congregations the fruit at the bottom.  Others who don’t see the value of preaching serve up white yogurt and end up with people are missing out.  Their people end up thinking that there is not much to the Bible when there is so much more.

I love my yogurt, especially when I get to the fruit at the bottom.

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